How Would You Explain Twitter to Your Grandmother ?

By now thousands of articles and blog posts have analyzed the reasons  for the appeal of Twitter.  They have sliced and diced it neatly into its various components – simplicity, brevity, openness, immediacy,  transparency etc. But if you have ever tried to explain  Twitter this way to someone who has never used Twitter,  you most […]


Microsoft, Google sparring over Twitter !

Microsoft, Google sparring over Twitter? Should be interesting… http://bit.ly/9JbJb The explosive growth of Twitter has evoked great interest among both Google and Microsoft to acquire the company. For Google this would immediately fill the gap in their search of real-time results and give them an even bigger share of the search market. For Microsoft, this […]


Isn’t is time Twitter changed the question in their tagline ?

I wanted to elaborate on  a couple of tweets I posted earlier about Twitter itself : Isn’t is time Twitter changed their tagline “What are you doing? ” to something that reflects what most tweets are about ?”  (the original tweet is here http://twitter.com/arunshroff/status/1402055235 ) and also ” Ironic that what makes Twitter interesting is most […]