I have led and founded several technology companies, as well as conceived, launched and managed a large portfolio of websites and web applications. I provide the key vision, technology support, strategic advice, and direction across all our organizations with operations in both USA and India. These include FrontPoint Systems, a web applications, digital marketing, social media, and managed web hosting company, Medindia.net – India’s top health website (and among the top health websites globally in terms of traffic and content), India4u.com – one of the earliest Indian websites and portal, plus many more. Our Indian operations are headquartered in Chennai, and supported by a team of programmers, designers, content-providers, editors and domain experts. Our US operations provide marketing support and hosting infrastructure for the organization.

In the past, I founded and “bootstrapped” several other technology companies – including Dynapro, a computer systems integrator and VAR as well as Pcportable.com – a web based e-commerce business where we designed and sold high-end, powerful and customized portable computers to customers globally including many Fortune 100 clients. Prior to that I was a management consultant with Touche (now Deloitte), and a systems analyst/programmer developing performance optimization products using assembler for IBM mainframe computers.

I have a M.S. in Computer Science from Penn State Univerity, an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, and a B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT, Madras.

Connect With Me:

I am passionate about technology and startups and also advise, mentor and provide consulting services to startups and businesses of all sizes in all aspects of technology, including web presence and business strategy, web applications development, digital advertising, social media, search engine marketing and much more. You can contact via any of the links below.

You can find a more detailed professional bio and resume at my Linked In Profile.

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About this Blog:

I started this blog to share my unique insights and perspectives on technology, startups, marketing and web strategy plus a few other random topics that interest me. The insights come from a long and diverse career that spans all the major technology revolutions over the last few decades – starting with the rise of the Personal Computer in the eighties, the emergence of the web in the mid-nineties, to the last decades explosive growth in search, e-commerce, social media and mobile services. I was fortunate to have been either an active participant or at the forefront in all of them, having launched multiple startups in each of these phases of technological progress. This broad experience together with an academic background in engineering, computer science and management has allowed me to discern patterns, analyze trends and synthesize insights that span both business and technology. I hope you enjoy these posts and would love to have your feedback and comments.

Other Interests:

I love to learn and explore ideas on a wide range of topics and satisfy my curiosity by reading as much as I can (you will find links to some of the current books in the sidebar): Artificial Intelligence, application design, astronomy, blogging, bollywood movies & music, brand strategy, brain science, computers, complexity theory, consciousness, corporate strategy, ecommerce, entrepreneurship, emergence, fractals, Google, Hinduism, history of science & technology, invention, internet marketing, open source software, organizational behavior, Linux, marketing, programming languages, quantum physics, relativity, science fiction, string theory, search engine technology, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, travel, social media, urdu poetry, vedas, web design, web technology, web application development, web hosting, , yoga, zen buddhism….

Thanks again for stopping by – and I would love to hear your comments and thoughts.

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