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8 Reasons Why Google+ Could Beat Facebook in the Long Term

It has now been a little over a month since Google’s brand new social networking website – Google+ was launched in a limited field trial.  During this time, over 25 million+ people have already joined Google+ making it  the fastest growing social ….  Read More

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Watson’s Triumph in Jeopardy: A Loss for Humans, A Win For Humanity!

Like millions of others, I watched  as  humanity’s best players were  trounced on the  US TV quiz show Jeopardy! last night by a computer system named Watson built by IBM.    I was fascinated by Watson  – as  it rekindled my interest ….  Read More

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Computer Languages: In Search Of The Perfect Rapid Application Development (RAD) Language/ Tool

I have always been fascinated by computer  languages and programming.  I have also enjoyed learning and programming in a wide spectrum of languages.  One of my first jobs fresh out of graduate school in Computer Science was developing   system level utilities ….  Read More

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A Tale of Two Discoveries, E.T., the Drake Equation & the Fermi Paradox

Two recent discoveries this week have overturned some of science’s most basic assumptions about life on earth  and   the probability of  extra-terrestrial life elsewhere in the universe. The first one was announced by NASA in a news conference today.  Up until ….  Read More