Twitter Changes Its Question – Finally (many months after I suggested it !)

I read recently that Twitter has finally changed their question at the top of the website to read “What’s happening ?” from the old one which said “What are you doing ?”

Here is the original post by @biz on Twitter’s blog

This change was of course covered by all major blogs including Techcrunch and Mashable among others.

It is interesting that Biz quotes the following reasons :
“People, organizations, and businesses quickly began leveraging the open nature of the network to share anything they wanted, completely ignoring the original question, seemingly on a quest to both ask and answer a different, more immediate question, “What’s happening?” A simple text input field limited to 140 characters of text was all it took for creativity and ingenuity to thrive. ”

I must be prophetic for I urged Twitter to make precisely this change and even suggested the same question as a better alternative tagline almost eight months back in  my Twitter updates and also posted a blog entry here

Maybe  @ev or @Biz were actually listening and decided to implement my suggestion 😉 ? Or maybe great minds think alike 🙂 !

Twitter Should Change their tagline from "What are you doing"..

Link to The original Tweet, posted Mar 27, 2009 :
“Isn’t is time Twitter changed their tagline “What are you doing? ” to something that reflects what most tweets are about ?”

Here are my suggestions for alternative tag lines that Twitter could use :

Alternative Twitter Taglines
Alternative Twitter Taglines

Note the alternative suggested above  “What’s happening ?”   !

Well at least I have the satisfaction of knowing that I was ahead of the curve here  🙂 ?

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