Who controls the world economy?

Who controls the world economy? Short answer: A shockingly  small number of individuals and companies. In the fascinating TED Talk below, James Glattfelder uses complexity   theory to study how control  flows through the interconnected global economy, and how concentration of power in the hands of a shockingly small number leaves us all vulnerable.   His […]


Why a Startup is Like a Science Experiment

There are many similarities between a startup and a science experiment.  A science experiment starts with a hypothesis – or a theory of how the world works. The experiment is designed to test that hypothesis.   The hypothesis is based on certain assumptions – usually based on existing knowledge or an existing world view  – […]


Computer Languages: In Search Of The Perfect Rapid Application Development (RAD) Language/ Tool

I have always been fascinated by computer  languages and programming.  I have also enjoyed learning and programming in a wide spectrum of languages.  One of my first jobs fresh out of graduate school in Computer Science was developing   system level utilities on the IBM 308x series of mainframe computers using BAL /360 (Basic Assembler […]