China Denies Involvement in Hacking

In news today China Denies Involvement in Hacking U.S. Power Grid – The Chinese govt official position is always complete denial – but can you really trust anything that Beijing says or denies ?

The ambitions of the chinese is nothing short of “electronic world domination ” as per this article :… And…

Americans are of course in a tight spot of their own making – and have to tread lightly on this issue what with the chinese controlling their purse strings and trillions of dollars of their debt ! While it seems like a cliche to say that the next world war will be in cyberspace – all it takes is for one country to have a few skilled hackers, and suddenly the number of troops, the hardware, and the nuclear devices of the enemy don’t matter. What is really scary is that country is most likely going to be China. Not be an alarmist here – but you know what happened the last time the intelligence services ignored vital clues and did not connect the dots.

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