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Are You Making “Milkshake Mistakes”?

Among  the many great ideas and insights in Clay Shirky’s book  “Cognitive Surplus“,   I came across one that was particularly interesting.  It has some valuable lessons for anyone involved in  product development, market research or strategy. Shirky describes a market research ….  Read More

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From The Network Computer to Cloud Computing – The Long and Winding Road

“Everything old is new again”, is a popular expression that usually applies to trends and fashion. Surprisingly, it can also be an apt way to describe many current trends in computing. In particular, the emergence of cloud computing, is a classic example ….  Read More

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The Evolution of Paid Search and Why Google Won & Yahoo/Microsoft Lost

Google’s exponential growth and emergence as a technology juggernaut has been driven by one simple but incredibly successful business model : paid search or pay per click (PPC) advertising.  Google  appears invincible today because it dominates one of the largest and most ….  Read More

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Education and Public Schools in America – What The US Can Learn From India

It is now widely acknowledged that America’s  public school education system  is broken and needs fixing. Numerous studies rank US school children well below other countries in  science and math tests: “The average science score of U.S. students lagged behind those in ….  Read More

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15 Facts You May Not Know About the Google China Incident

After reviewing articles from many sources in the media, I have compiled a list of certain  facts and figures regarding   the recent cyber attacks  from China and the subsequent stunning announcement from Google.   Some  of these are surprisingly under-reported  in ….  Read More