Arun Shroff’s Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-30

  • @lea210 @RadekPilich @dorait @LauraFenamore @farrhad @pickover #followfriday #
  • #YKYAAT You know you are addicted to twitter when you think Twelve and Twenty are cool new Twitter apps ! #
  • Want to see the ‘Google’ dance ? Try this Also try on – It rocks! #
  • โ€œFacebook is like โ€˜Cheers,โ€™ where everyone knows your name, Twitter is the hipster bar, where you booze and schmooze people.โ€~ Annie Colbert #
  • Report: Google testing one-stop shop for video ads #
  • Some great Twitter Backgrounds are hidden : to see them Right Click ->View Background Image(Mozilla); in IE ->Save Bckgrnd As & then view #
  • Isn’t is time Twitter changed their tagline “What are you doing? ” to something that reflects what most tweets are about ? #
  • Ironic that what makes Twitter interesting is most tweeps NOT blindly answering “What are you doing?” #
  • Melting Glaciers changes Europe’s borders #
  • It is no April Fools joke: the Conficker Worm prepares for a huge attack on April 1, and experts dont know how to stop it #
  • @dorait I agree, it is the black swan problem from over-reliance on financial models, and of course arrogance and greed ! in reply to dorait #
  • @SujataChadha I figured, thanks a lot for the glowing recco #followfriday ! in reply to SujataChadha #
  • @SujataChadha BTW I think I know why you typed in arunshrott – all f’s look like t’s in Tweetdeck 0- under the image icons ! in reply to SujataChadha #
  • Google’s top execs keep $1 salaries, forgo bonuses – Way to go Larry, Sergey, Eric ! #
  • Microsoft’s newest ad gambit: “I would have to double my budget – I guess I am not cool enough for a Mac!” #
  • Tesla Motors Model S Backed by Google Founders Brin, Page #
  • @LauraFenamore Thank you for the reco ! in reply to LauraFenamore #
  • RT @pickover: The Question That Makes Amazon $2.7 Billion Of Revenue. (rt @timoreilly) #
  • “If I look at the mass, I will never act. If I look at the one, I will.” – Mother Teresa #
  • The first Twitter libel suit sparked by Courtney Love’s angry “tweets” against former fashion designer #
  • @purugovind No, not yet, but I will need to look at it again since it had some interesting stuff. How about you ? in reply to purugovind #
  • @purugovind Great, What is the challenge? Good luck with it . Thanks for your offer – will take you up on it. And likewise alwys ๐Ÿ™‚ in reply to purugovind #
  • Found a copy of The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra – read it 10 years back. Re-reading sections I found interesting. Anyone else read it? #
  • @purugovind Will check it out , thanks ! in reply to purugovind #
  • @dorait Yes, adding knowledge fails for everything except most basic stmts. Did u hear abt this one from Wolfram in reply to dorait #
  • Another classic from the past “Godel, Escher & Bach” – one of the most brilliant books ever written IMO. #
  • Think you are a good speller ? Try this spelling test – the 16 most misspelt words #
  • @farrhad Thanks for the RT ! Would be interesting to know how people scored. Any perfect scores ? No cheating now ๐Ÿ™‚ in reply to farrhad #
  • @farrhad I got one wrong – darnit I thought I got all right ๐Ÿ™ in reply to farrhad #
  • #YKYAAT You know you are addicted to twitter when you think Twelve and Twenty are cool new Twitter apps ! #
  • #YKYAAT You know you are addicted to Twitter when you consider work an annoying distraction from twittering.. #
  • @purugovind thanks for the RTs ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • @dorait Rather basic – but it works I guess. How is it being used though..? in reply to dorait #
  • @RadekPilich You are welcome ! Tao of Physics related Hinduism/Buddhism w/ Quantum Physics . Also check out The Dancing Wu Li Masters in reply to RadekPilich #
  • @purugovind @RadekPilich Thanks for the Retweets guys ! #

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