Top 10 Reasons Why the iPad will NOT Kill the Kindle

There is a post on TechCrunch today about the Top 10 Reasons The Apple iPad Will Put Amazon’s Kindle Out of Business

Certainly the iPad will give some competition to the  Kindle – especially the $489 model – but put it out of business ?  Highly unlikely.    Here are the top 10 reasons why the iPad will NOT kill the Kindle :

1) Price: The price point to compare is the $269 Kindle vs the $499 iPad.  The $269 Kindle works pretty well for reading books. And if  Amazon drops the price to $199 – there is no competition.

2) e-Ink : Makes reading a pleasure. Enough said.

3) Glare :  The backlight on the iPad makes it difficult on your eyes for extended periods of reading. Plus you can read a Kindle in broad daylight with no problems. Try that with an iPad.

4) 3G connectivity: is built in and free for life on the Kindle – with  no monthly fees, ever ! And anywhere in the world. First the iPad will cost  $130 more for the 3G option.  Second it  requires you to shell out  $30 (or $15) per month to AT&T to be able to use 3G.   Three negatives right there for the iPad  - the hassle of signing up, the cost  and AT&T’s awful connectivity.

5) Amazon vs iTunes : You can download almost any book on Amazon – and are not locked perpetually into the Apple/iTunes jail.   Apple hates giving up control on anything –  and that is not likely to change in the near future.

6) Size : The Kindle is smaller and more portable than the iPad.  Makes it easier to carry it around just like a book. The iPad – though portable -still feels like you are carrying around a tablet or a laptop.

7) Weight : It is only 0.6 lb compared to the 1.5 lbs for the iPad – another plus that makes it easier to carry around.   And you can therefore  hold the Kindle for extended periods with one hand without your hand getting tired.  Try that with the iPad.

8) Battery Life : You can easily use a Kindle for almost 2  weeks with a single charge.  That makes it the perfect device for reading books on long airplane trips  or vacations.  The iPad claims 10 hours for the battery life – we all know that the actual battery life  will be probably half that.

9) Touch : The iPad is a touch device, which means you will need to constantly wipe the greasy fingerprints  on it resulting from all that page turning when reading books.  No such problems on the Kindle.

10)  Fragility : Finally, I  could easily give the Kindle to a five or ten-year old child without worrying that they may drop and break the screen. Not so with the iPad’s expensive and fragile panel.  In fact, the Kindle may be the perfect replacement for all the heavy school textbooks that kids have to carry these days.

So what do you think ? Your comments and feedback are welcome.

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  • Anonymous

    To me if you are going to carry around a phone get one that does it all….why would you want to carry more than one thing if you di not have to.

  • structuredsettlement

    I am not a hugh cell phone person anyway so when I do have to use one, I want the most out of it that I can get.  Light weight, no glare…what ever.  Great use of comparisons here

  • Anonymous

    With the ipad you have so much more……..there is no comparison.

  • Sellyourannuity

    The kindle is a great gift for our older generation, not to technical that they can’t use but easy on the eyes with the no glare and large print.

  • Annuity Purchaser

    The kindle was a great invention! These reasons are right on the money!

  • CashforStructuredSettlements

    Very impressive blog you have done. Keep up the good work!

  • Annuity Purchaser

    There is no comparison, the ipad is a computer within its self if you can read you can use the ipad.

  • structuredsettlementbuyer

    I have to agree with several issues.  I hate it when the weight of a phone makes my hands hurt.  And the glare is horrible to have to deal with.  Love the comparison issues here.

    • structuredsettlement

      I also agree about the weight issue.  it is miserable when you are hurting and trying to have a conversation with someone on the phone.

  • Anonymous

    Kindles are great……reading is good and if it takes something like a kindle to get a child to read spend the money……it will be worth it in the long run……..better than buying a phone where you know all they will be doing is texting or playing games.

  • sellstructuredsettlement

    I think that there are so many advantages to a Kindle.  But the Ipad has its advantages I am sure.  The one advantage that highlights it for me is the fact that it is not being locked in to the I-tunes.  Nothing is more frustrating than that.

  • Annuity Purchaser

    Corners is a very good, because it works with Android. At day’s end, two devices to distract us from that do everything, its nice to have something that’s built for this purpose.

  • Trueproteindiscountcodecoupon

    Great information. I almost got a Kindle for Christmas, made fun of it and then decided after I was told that that I would get one. I like how it’s laid out. I try to keep things organized too.

  • Dave

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  • Houston SEO

    Seems like both are holding up well. I’ve not touched a kindle but the ipad is really fun to play with. I can see ipad killing the kindle given the additional functionality it offers, though.

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    A Great write up, I will bookmark this post in my Reddit account. Have a awesome night.

  • Dolce and Gabbana Bags

    Mark just sent this link my way, I really enjoyed the post – good reading! I anticipate your future stuff.

  • Ian from Starcraft 2 Strategy

    I think the Ipad is a fancy version of the Kindle. For those who likes movies and music, Ipad is definitely better. The kindle are for those who are casual readers that likes to read on their free time at a park etc… I highly doubt amazon will give up so easily.

  • CHI Pink Camo Collection

    Generally I do not make comments on blogs, but I have to mention that this post really forced me to do so. Really proficient post.

  • Sam @ Starcraft Strategies Center

    Played with the kindle the other day from a friend who recently bought it. I love the light form factor and the Wifi, but the Barnes Nooks is pretty cool cause it runs on Android. At the end of the day, we have so many devices to distract us that ‘do everything’ its nice to have something thats purpose built, instead of a do-all like the ipad. If I had the ipad I would never get any actual reading done.

  • Postpartum

    I keep looking at the Kindle and wondering about whether I should get one.It seems such a great idea but thething which stops me going ahead and getting one is that I just can’t imagine reading a book without turing pages,just looking at the same screen the whole time. I suppose you get used to it but it just feels a bit odd to me. I will probably get one in the end though.

  • Cake Stand

    And neither of them will ever kill off books, thank goodness!

  • Krzysztof Balicki

    The iPAD is so overpriced. Apple advertising team rules anyway :)

  • Gry hazardowe

    iPad sux anyway :)

    BTW: great blog, I look forward to reading more of your writing.

  • Organic Gardening

    Finally a blog post that is worth reading. There’re particular things I disagree though lol. :))

  • sok noni

    Thank You For This Blog, was added to my bookmarks.

  • Marissa graham

    Interesting website. Many thanks

  • Starcraft 2 strategy

    Yeh, The kindle and ipad are targetting different niches. The ipad is a tad heavy to be a ereader!