Arun Shroff’s Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-16

  • Why Twitter application Tweetie got rejected from Apple’s App Store #
  • Happy Holi to all our Indian friends #holi ! ( ) #
  • Do you want to help U.S. public schools , Win a Round Trip World Ticket or Win a MacBook Pro ? #
  • Stumbled across Tim Ferriss’ book The 4 Hour Workweek on Amazon . Conflicting reviews – anyone read it ? #
  • The Tweet to Beat – Paying $3 per Twitter follower: #
  • @purugovind that is a sweet name :) in reply to purugovind #
  • Researchers Locate “God Spots” in Human Brain: #
  • RT @JonathanGunson: How to redirect large blocks of YouTube viewers to YOUR web site This is GOOD :) #
  • RT @karasmamedia: RT @mashable: The Twitter Followholic: An Epidemic (Please RT!) #
  • Poets & teachers share an alternate vision of the new century in which words, not weapons, define civilization. #
  • RT @pickover: If you had one hour left on earth, how would you spend it? #
  • How much data does Google crunch everyday ? Approx 20,000 terabytes (or 20,000,000 Gigabytes) #
  • How does Google process 20,000 Terabytes of data every day : A paper from the architects at Google #
  • Eight scientists who became their own guinea pigs #
  • EU extends Microsoft antitrust deadline to April 21 #
  • @purugovind: To clarify when I said that is a sweet name I was refering to your reference to ‘ cheeni’ :) in reply to purugovind #
  • Top 10 Confusing Place Names – You don’t want to stop someone here for directions : #
  • And the Top 10 Rudest Place Names in Britain #
  • @joelcomm Not strictly true: No DMs can be sent but you can reply to anyone on Twitter without following them in reply to joelcomm #
  • @joelcomm Got it – you are saying unfollow or block them ? in reply to joelcomm #
  • “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it” ~ Jonathan Winters #quote #
  • Internet at risk from “wiretapping”, says Tim Berners Lee.. #
  • “Economists have become a lagging indicator of our economic troubles.” – Posner in The Failure of Capitalism #
  • Recession Hits Forbes Billionaires List : Awww :) #
  • Twee-Thirty-Two AM :)) Talk about Twittering away the night…. #
  • I would kill for a Nobel Peace Prize – Steven Wright #
  • #AIG Bonuses “We are contractually obligated to pay these”- Summers. Surely he is joking? What abt his “contract” 2 not screw taxpayers ? #
  • #AIG Summers:”We are a country of law. The government can’t just abrogate contracts.” Yes, u can-ALL contracts have caveats & are revocable #
  • #AIG I suggest every Twitter user send an email/fax/SMS to Larry Summers, Geithner & AIG CEO & Execs to revoke these bonuses ! #
  • #AIG Bonus “Contractual, legal obligation” given as excuse . What if CEO & exces are fired? A new team can’t do worse & we save $160m! #
  • @donlemoncnn “We are a country of law. The government can’t just abrogate contracts.” Yes, u can-ALL contracts have caveats & are revocable in reply to donlemoncnn #
  • @donlemoncnn Contractual, legal obligation” given as excuse . What if CEO & exces are fired? A new team can’t do worse & we save $160m! in reply to donlemoncnn #
  • RT @Karoli: I think AIG needs to learn about contract law, and not assume we’re all stupid fools looking to swallow whatever pap they serve #
  • @Karoli: Great AIG comment to @donlemmoncnn : But so far Summers & co’s comments sure look like they **are** swallowing the pap ! #
  • @Karoli Agree -Summers saying “The government can’t just abrogate contracts.” is crazy: Wht abt their ‘contract’ to the taxpayers ? in reply to Karoli #
  • As Twitter gets more popular, does it get harder to use & less useful ? #
  • A necessary – though not sufficient- condition for the next big thing: it is ignored or ridiculed as impossible by everyone ! #
  • Defintion of Ultimate Expert : A specialist who knows more and more about less and less until they know everything about nothing ! #
  • Ten Happiness Myths busted at The Happiness Project #
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